Genesis 3:16

31_gn03_16Oh, Eve! When the serpent deceived Eve in the Garden of Eden, her punishment was intentionally decided to fit the situation and the disobedience.  Talk about natural consequences!

God created Man (Adam) in hopes of a relationship.  God then realized that Adam needed a companion that was more like him than God was.  Adam gave Woman the name Eve after God judged them as an expression of hope since Eve is close to the Hebrew khayah, which means “to give life”.  Furthermore, Adam naming Eve after their judgements (verse 20) may imply that this was Adam’s first act of ruling over the woman after the Fall.

No wonder those who shrewdly deceive others have often been called “snakes in the grass”…..  God created us for relationships.  Because of the Fall in the Garden of Eden way back in Genesis, the marriage relationship now includes an element of antagonism rather than just security and fulfillment.

But there is hope! New life in Christ allows for the restoration of a man and woman’s marriage.  Obey God in your life and in your marriage to receive God’s best.  Amen.


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