Obsessed with Space

I do not give God nearly enough credit.  I listened on the radio one morning to what a comet sounds like.  Did you catch that?  What a comet sounds like.  I asked for a telescope once for my birthday and my sweet husband bought me one.  This was in our early days when we could stay up all night and watch the meteor showers in our front yard and not be tired the next day because we had young children to tend to in the night or early in the morning.  And I used that telescope.  You just don’t realize how fast Earth turns until you take your eye off of a star or planet within the scope of the telescope.  Over and over again, I would look away from the scope to chatter…then when I looked back in the scope – the planet was gone! Well, earth had moved…that fast!  No matter our circumstances; the earth keeps moving whether or not we are paying attention.  Fascinating.

My fourth grader recently completed a project display on our solar system as he had learned about it in his science class.  I had to really rein myself in and remember that he’s a fourth grader and this was his project because I wanted to dive deep into this project.  I wanted to study the sounds in space, the stars, and the fascinating wonderment that is God’s creation. Whoa down, Nelly!  Maybe it’s a good idea that I don’t homeschool…

All of this space study made me a little obsessed about it.  Maybe curious is a more appropriate word.  I stumbled upon Louie Giglio’s sermon about God and science.  Oh. my. goodness.  Then he moves from space to human DNA and what miracles we truly are.  God is science because God is love.  YES, YES, YES!

Perhaps you will have 45 minutes to spare in the near future and you can listen to what Louie Giglio has to offer.  I pray that it will touch your heart as it did mine.  I pray that it will humble you to know that we are teeny tiny pin dots; yet God loves us and made us perfectly by His design.

And all God’s people said, “Amen.”


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