Proverbs 31: 1-9

I don’t know about you, but if my son (or daughter) heeded my words so much that he (or she) used them to rule a kingdom, then I would feel richly blessed and accomplished.  King Lemuel recanted the wise words his mother said to him as instructions as king of Massa and I think they are very good instructions indeed.

Lemuel’s mother wanted to raise a virtuous son.  A man of honor.  There are ways to act that can block any path you wish to take.  Putting yourself in situations where you become excessively foolish is only a way to take you down a level.  His mother also balanced her instruction with lessons on discernment: verses 6 & 7 relate to that.  Lemuel’s mother warned him that although kings and princes don’t lose control (not only by relying on mind-altering substances, but by other influences that promote distorted thinking), there are some who need pain relief and we, as part of God’s kingdom, should bring relief to the suffering.

What I like about the Sayings of King Lemuel most is that his mother wasn’t trying to raise him to put on airs or uphold a family image.  She was instructing him to conduct himself with honor while attending to the needs of the poor and others in need.

Now, in Mother Gothel’s best singing voice, let’s hear it: Mother knows best!



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