Proverbs reminds me over and over again to keep my mouth shut!  This poster made me chuckle!

Let’s talk about large family gatherings: Thanksgiving, Christmas, Reunions, Weddings, etc.  My shoulders start to rise just thinking about them!  Verse 1 says, “Better a dry crust with quiet than a house full of feasting with strife.” (NABRE)  Peace and fellowship give joy to a meal, not the richness of the food.  When we are cooking for others (or trying to impress others), we can lose sight of the meaning of the gathering and focus more on the presentation of the food (or event).  The wise don’t fall into this trap.  The wise remember that it is the people and the fellowship that is important for the gathering, not the event itself.  Sometimes I can act a fool on these occasions!

Another point I wanted to make today was nestled in verse 5: “Whoever mocks the poor reviles the Maker; whoever rejoices in their  misfortune will not go unpunished.” (NABRE)  This reminds me of gossip.  Gossip can be a form of rejoicing in someone else’s misfortune.

Reflection Question: With what crucible has the Lord been testing your heart?  A crucible is a difficult test or challenge – a situation that forces people to change or make difficult decisions. God puts me in countless situations – mostly in the realm of human relationships.  I have a lot of work to do.  I need to seize these moments as growth opportunities in the moment instead of reflecting on a better way to handle it after I have responded foolishly!

Lord, please continue to work on my heart…and my lips!  Through Christ, Amen.

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