Proverbs 9

A friend of mine has the above image in her house.  She keeps it up year-round on her mantle and I love it!  

The opposition of wisdom and folly was stated at the beginning of chapters 1-9 and is maintained throughout the entire book.

Wisdom’s banquet symbolizes joy and closeness to God.  Unstable and senseless Folly furnished stolen bread and water of deceit and vice that brings death to her guests.  Wisdom’s guests must leave aside their old ways (foolishness) in order to eat her food (wisdom). (NABRE notes)

We cannot enjoy life without God’s help.  Use discernment.  Accept Wisdom’s teachings.

The difference is that a ‘mocker’ will get defensive when presented with wisdom – will “mouth off” – have loose lips.  The ‘wise’ will gather information, discern what is true, and then ignore the rest.  Seek truth!

Many churches are having a Maundy or Holy Thursday service tonight.  Look one up and celebrate at the Lord’s banquet! Now, His is full of Wisdom!!!



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