Mary and Martha

Mary and Martha seem to come up a lot in both my bible study and Sunday School class.  Today, I scrolled down my Tweets in a moment of boredom and saw a tweet from Max Lucado.  As I read the first paragraph, I said aloud, “What is the message you are trying to send me, God?”.  As I read further, God answered me.  I liked His answer.

I’d like to share an excerpt of what I read:

“You’re in Bethany. The home of Lazarus and his sisters Mary and Martha. Peer through the window…what do you see?

There’s Martha, sleeves rolled up and ready to serve, an Energizer® bunny—reliable, hardworking Martha.

Over there is Mary. On her knees. While Martha serves with her hands, Mary lifts her hands in praise and prayer. For she loves to worship, she lives to pray.

And Lazarus? He’s talking about Jesus. He’s sharing his pinch-me-I’m-dreaming testimony. “Because of Lazarus many of the Jews were…believing in Jesus” (John 12:11).

Marthas who serve, Marys who pray, and Lazaruses who testify—all seated at the table together. In God’s house, each one plays a different role. But each one is needed.

The one who worships
the one who proclaims
the one who serves
the one who worships.”

Who are you – Mary, Martha, or Lazarus?  I strive to be a Mary, but have had plenty of Martha moments.

Click here to read Max Lucado’s March 22, 2013 post in its entirety.


3 thoughts on “Mary and Martha

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